How to clean a Rifle

In this video Napier show you how to clean your rifle using their excellent products.

Steve from Napier shows you how to clean an air rifle, in this simple, easy to follow video.

Rifle skills: Get in position

Bradley Bourner reveals how to use your body to support the rifle, relax your muscles and find your point of aim.
In this piece we’ll be looking at the various positions you can shoot from. Remember you should not immediately expect 1in groups at 100m from these positions; ascertain what you can and can’t expect from each of them, and then you can decide when each is acceptable for live quarry.

Rifle skills: boresighting and zeroing

Having learned how to set up your scope correctly it’s vital to check that your rifle is zeroed regularly. If you are an occasional stalker, you should check zero before every outing; for frequent users, every other week is probably the rule of thumb. Of course, if you suspect that shots aren’t hitting your point of aim, then re-zeroing is essential. It’s also worth it if you have bought a new batch of ammunition. Even with the same brand, different batches can produce slight variations.